Ambiguitity (2018).jpg

I identify as a non-binary femme and I am creating a series of sculptures this winter to show the wide varieties of bodies who identify as a wide variety of genders. For this I am looking any gender diverse people who want to send me naked pictures to sculpt!

The series of sculptures will be similar to the sculpture photographed here on this page. Displayed with each sculpture will be a paragraph identifying their gender, pronouns and any story the model choses to share associated to their experience with gender.

I respect the privacy of all of these photos and appreciate your trust in sending them to me. they will only be seen by my eyes and I will delete after the project is over.

What I will need from each model:

  • at least 5 photos of you photographed fully naked from the thighs up. (You can cover your face if you like since you will be sculpted with an animal head anyways). Pick a position for your arms to be in, angle your body in any way. Please take pictures from front, both sides, from above, and any other angles you like.

  • another 5 photos with your arms in different positions. (you will be sculptured with 4 arms so this helps with sculpting all the angles) . if there are any important scars, tattoos or body modifications that are important for me to sculpt take close up pictures of them

  • Chose an animal that best represents you! That will be your head.

  • Send me a paragraph with the gender you identify as, your preferred pronouns, and a story about your experience with your gender, a gender confirming moment, how you came to discover your gender…anything you like that is important to you having to do with your experience with gender. let me know if you want to remain anonymous, you can chose to sign the paragraph with your real name or not.

I will be sculpting about 10 figures, so I have no idea how many people will send me photos and stories so I cannot guarantee I can sculpt everyone. And as a thank you to everyone who is apart of this project I will print an image of your sculpture and send it to you.

I really appreciate everyone who wants to take part and for the trust for sending me nudes! You are all beautiful and I would love to sculpt you!

For those who do not wish to be sculpted but want to share their stories, then send me a story about your experience with your gender, anything! And I will include just the text in the final exhibition.

xo Jessica and their creatures